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Shockbyte - Finest overall Minecraft hosting service with nice pricing. Really a bargain you cannot miss, and for those who wanna commit to an eternal Minecraft world then it is best to know that coupon code INTERSTELLAR offers you an enormous 25% discount for all times on all Semi-Annual and Annual hosting plans. Storage is unlimited with all plans. These plans price between $25 and $forty per thirty days but include much more assets. Apart from that, the only main con right here is the fee. Their most primary server, for the first year, will price you $22.50 as a substitute of $44.99, and it is the same all the way as much as their Bedrock 6GB server for 200 gamers, where you'll actually save a whole bunch of dollars in your first 12 months. With the essential servers, customers can get normal assist. Your customers for the lowest ping possible in game. Having a excessive ping will not be something that’s on account of lag, but it causes lag.

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